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Much of our inventory is unique and one-of-a-kind.  Many of our items are not featured here because we cannot always reorder them.  Below are samples of the types of products we carry.

If there is something you are looking for, please call us and we will be happy to assist you with your order.


We have thousands of titles on ancient and contemporary spiritual paths and religions, as well as many others to inspire your soul.


We carry a huge selection of crystals. Our goal is to be the source for all your crystal needs.


We offer a stunning collection of jewelry featuring natural crystals and stones, Each piece carries its own unique vibration and beauty. Our hope is that you find the piece that most resonates with your unique vibration and beauty.

Incense & Oils

We have one of the largest selections of incense anywhere! We carry incense from all over the world and are constantly adding to our variety.  All of our sage is responsibly sourced by native americans. Our palo santo is sustainably harvested in the dry forests of Equador and Peru according to strict practices enforced by the government. 


Our candles enhance your life as well as your home. We offer aromatherapy candles, intention candles, simple ritual candles and crystal infused candles.

Singing Bowls

We have crystal singing bowls in a variety of sizes, notes and colors. We also have a wide variety of tibetan bowls. All of our bowls are available to play and feel for yourself.


A pendulum can be used to point us in the right direction. We carry a large selection of crystal, metal and wood pendulums.

Prices start at $16.00


We have a beautiful selection of tapestries and bedspreads from India. These can be used for anything from table covers to wall art.

Journals & Greeting Cards

Our greeting card collection is unique and expansive to give for all occasions or just for fun. We also have beautiful bookbound as well as leatherbound journals. 

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