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How to Burn Resin & Incense

What you will need:


  • Your resin, herb or powered incense.

  • Charcoal Discs - The charcoal disks used for incense burning is not the same used for your backyard barbecue.  You won't what to use BBQ charcoal indoors as it produces noxious funes.  Incense charcoal is self igniting.  Do not use light fluid.

  • A Bowl - One that can withstand heat works best.  You can use a plain metal or porcelain bowl, but make sure you set it on a heat resistant surface.  Most people add sand or ash to a bowl.  The sand absorbs some of the heat of the the charcoal, which reduces the likelihood of scorching the table it sits on.  (Never set a burner on or near something flammable.  Always place away from pets, children and others who may not realize it is burning.)   When using a decorative bowl filled with sand, it doubles as a regular incense holder for both sticks and cones.

  • A lighter, matches, or a lit candle - Helps start the self-igniting charcoal.


How to do it:

  1. Light charcoal.  Using tongs or pliers to hold the charoal while lighting it will keep you from burning your fingers.  Apply flame to the side of the charcoal for about 20 seconds.  The charcoal will then self-ignite across the surface.  Charcoals do not usually light easily if they are laying flat on a surface or in a bowl.  It is best to hold the charcoal in the air with a tool when applying the flame to the charcoal.

  2. If your charcoal tablet has a concave indentation on one side, place it in your burner with the hollow facing up.  Use the indentation to hold your incense.

  3. After lighting, wait for the charcoal to completely ignite and warm up in the bowl.  This usually takes about 2 or 3 minutes.  You will notice the charcoal starting to go gray around the edges.

  4. Add resins, herbs, or powder incense.  Just place a small amount on top of the charcoal.  The resins or herbs will begin to burn and release their essential oils through the smoke.  Make sure there is adequate ventilation in the room.

  5. Enjoy.  Every aromatic herb and resin has different properties, and can evoke different moods.  Experiment and enjoy!

  6. Finally, be aware of potential fire hazard.  Lit charcoal is extremely hot, and can easily burn your fingers.  Charcoal may continue to burn for up to two hours after lighting.  When finished, don't just throw it in a wastebasket.  To be certain its fully extinguished, submerse it in water.

  7. Please make sure to use herbs safe for burning, as some herbs can be toxic if burned. 



Resin incense burner
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